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1994 GL1500 Aspencade

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Aug 19, 2020
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Have owned this wing for little over a year. Previous owner was elderly and could not ride anymore, was last tagged in 2010! I began the process of bringing it back to life. Took it to a local shop that went thru brake system by rebuilding calipers, change out all brake hoses, rebuilt brake cylinders, flushed clutch system, rebuilt carbs (still has small vacuum leak somewhere), new battery, new fuel filter and new Dunlop Elite 4 tires. Left it to warm up one day, came out to pool of coolant, let bike cool to reassess. Being that you have to take all the plastic off to investigate, that's what I did. Couldn't tell exactly where the leak was coming from. Being green to all of this, I removed timing belt covers thinking that the leak was coming from heads, thankfully it was not. Only place seems to leak is radiators. Removed them and changed out thermostat just because. Radiators back in place. Bike still runs strong, just leaks from radiators. I left timing belts covers off, they look worn and really need to be changed. I have all the plastic for it. I've put like 75 miles on this bike since getting it out of shop. It still needs some TLC, but overall its a good bike, reverse works, radio as well, cruise also. Thought I would be more into the 1500's but really I like the older 1100's, too much plastic for me. Don't want to invest in the radiators and belts, just want to get what I have in it out to put towards another project. Clean title in my name. Located in West Florida.


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