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Dec 25, 2015
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Victoria, BC,
It's time to start our trip report thread for our cross Canada trip starting 10 June. Will be riding the Spyder with the N-Line trailer on the back:
Trailer 1.jpg
Have added a GPS mount, and USB connector behind the windshield, and an SAE connector in the rear. New rear tire.

Will be using an Osmo Action action camera on the trip. Will be mounting it in the right side position, indicated by arrow:

Dash Mount 4.jpg

Won't need to have the cell phone attached in this position.

Started to look at what we will take. Camping gear is coming, never know what is available for accommodations.

First leg of the trip is a liesurely ride across to my family in Larder Lake, northern Ontario. Spyder gets an oil change. On to Ottawa for a wedding end June.

Second leg is a trip east through Newfoundland up to l'anse aux meadows, Gros Morne Park, PEI, Nova Scotia. Will be visiting daughter and Sonya's family in Nova Scotia.

Lots to see in Nova Scotia. I travelled around the province becasue I lived there for 10 years, but Sonya has not. Will be going to Digby for a scallop feed, trip around the Cabot Trail, Fortress of Lunenburg, Baddeck on Cape breton Island where Alexander Graham Bell did his work. Lots of other areas to visit.

Looking forward to using the Confederation Bridge to PEI.

Third leg is return to Ontario, Barrie area for my sister's 70th birthday party, then north to Larder Lake for a Spyder oil change.

Fourth leg is a return to Victoria.

Be on the road for a bit, but will be nice to get away.

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