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Dec 25, 2015
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Victoria, BC,
Starting to feel my age and mortality. My dad told me on my 50th birthday that I had fewer birthdays in front of me than behind, nice sentiment on one's birthday.

Keeping with this thought train, I have been contemplating emergency satellite phones, of which I have a Delorme inReach Explorer, the forerunner to the Garmin inReach Explorer - Garmin bought Delorme.

This topic comes up every now and then, mostly becasue a person is going on a trip where the cell phone coverage may be sptty at best, or travelling alone.

I purchased a Delorme inReach Explorer, the precurser to the Garmin inReach Explorer - Garmin bought out Delorme. Good unit, bought for our trip to Dawson City from Victoria BC. Used it every night to let friends/family know we were alright. Had to use once becasue of no cell coverage, email(s) were sent.

Dusted it off the other day becasue we are planning our 2023 trip to Tuktoyaktuk. Looked at the plans and what would be the best to use. Fellows over on the ADVrider forum have been providing good insight into what is needed and what needs to be found out.

A bit of a preamble to my point, this unit is not just for tips/touring, but for your own backyard. There are qutie a few areas on Vancouver Island, on or off road riding where the cell phone coverage is spotty or non-existent. I don't mind this when riding on the asphaly, but when off the beaten track it can be discerning.

I'm retired and if I waited until a riding friend was available, wouldn't be riding much, so I do do a lot of riding on my own.

I've started to realize that there is always a possibility that things can go south in a hurry. This is mainly becasue I am venturing off the beaten track with the Himalayan.

I'm relatively healthy, but this does not guarantee you will stay this way. A very, very brief lapse in concentration can result in an oops that can spoil even the most seasoned rider's day.

The inReach Explorer can be used as an email conduit to friends/family, and/or for more drastic events, SAR and medevac. The Garmin plans for the inReach Explorer provide for each event; however, the features available vary depending on your subscription.

There are other considerations such as what your medical plan covers, and what features your 3rd party health coverage has.

I also think that if you do venture off the beaten path, it's good to have a just in case bag. Haven't thought what I'd put in this, but I'm working on it.

It's a rainy, miserable day here, my three motorcycles are in good nick, no work/maintenance to be done, so I get to contemplate the meaning of life - the number 42 comes to mind.


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