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Aug 7, 2021
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South dakotz
My Bike Models
83 aspencade. Matching trailer.
81 vetter setup (major refurbishing now) does run.
1.5 part 1100s
For past 20 plus years been ridding wings. Left the HD flhtc when could not pull trailer and mama over 65mph in wind. Started with a 1200a. After 6 months went to a 1500. Ma and I put 125 tho it. Went to get new tires on 15 and wow, a new 1800 with not all the gps and abs junk on it was there. It came home. Put 45 on it. But last couple years not much ridding. Knees etc getting bad. Sold it to a long time associate.

Got to remebering that the 4 cyl were a bit lighter and narrower. Found one and bought it. It had seen years of neglect. Worked on it all week to get operable. Felt good tp have a handleabl bike again. Still much tweaking left to do. We have long winters here.

Forgot how much heat came off these.

Some things
Put the pegs back on as do not like floorboards.
Oils, filters, rear tire, brake rebuild, wire sorting (gobs of lights), valve adjustment, etc.

Can ride it now but will continue to fix.

Think we saw this bike and matching trailer in show at Ft. Wayne wing ding.


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