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Aug 28, 2021
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Hi there, a (very) amateur mechanic here. I still have points and this is my first time trying to set the static timing of my 1976 GL1000 and I am using a shop manual and the split timing technique on Randakk’s page as a resource. I wanted to ask this question about when my test light is coming on.

I'll use the below "picture" to reference where the test light came on/went off.

-T1- (or 2)
-F1- (or 2)
1 (or 2)

Left Side.

(1st) Test light comes on just between 1 and -F1-. (correct)
Turns off just after -F2-. (correct)

(2nd) Test light comes on just after -F1-. (correct).
Turns off about an inch or so after the -T2-. (I don’t know if this is too far or if that is okay).

My question is that for the (2nd), should the test light turn off so far after the T2 mark, and if so why is such a different place from when the (1st) turns off?

It was suggested I put an insulator between the off point, and I did and got the same result, so I don't think it is pass through voltage. I then tried to set the right side and came out with the following.

Right Side
The light comes on at the 2 and goes off just before the 1 (so it is early)
The light comes on at -F2- and off just as the -T1- disappears. (comes on at the right time but maybe goes off too late, or is this fine?)

Also, when turning generator bolt should I feel varying is this normal? The spark plugs are removed and it never gets hard to turn, it is just easier at some parts of the flywheel.

Thanks, any help is much appreciated.

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