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Feb 7, 2022
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toronto ontario
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Hi, I am not well versed on forums like face book, etc and so if my question is obvious , it is not to me. I did spend a significant amount of time searching without any success. I need to repair my GL1000 fuel pump and have seen a reference to a tech article "Fuel Pump Rebuild By Peteybug". I searched for the article "Fuel Pump Rebuild", and for the author "PETEBUG" but these attempts led me back to the initial reference but not to the article itself. The directions were: In the gallery, scroll down to "Member Submitted Technical Tutorials And Tricks", and a bit further is "Fuel Pump Rebuild By Peteybug". I got to the member-submitted...etc, but no further. Can anyone point me to it, or confirm it's not around any longer. FYI: I did find a very good youtube video where a DIY repair was done to a pump from an 1100 which was great. I wanted to have a few more ideas of rebuilding a factory pump. I also have a FYI: I am not opposed to adding an electric pump, but I do prefer to stay OEM as much as possible.
I appreciate any help ...Ian