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Feb 7, 2022
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toronto ontario
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I have a seized-up rear master cylinder and unfortunately, it got destroyed while I was tearing it down. Now I am checking Ebay and finding only other seized units with no one willing to open them, up and find out if they too are done for. I would buy a new one but I think this option is a long time obsolete. I would consider adding an aftermarket model as I have seen in one GL1100 youtube video. But with the reservoir right on the unit that option won't work on my gl1000 as shown in the video. Does anyone have a solution that will work ? Should I post a wanted rear master cylinder on all the Honda Goldwing websites? I hate to think how many old classics get to boot hill because one this type of show-stopper. Anyways I hope this is the right place to post this question, I am a member/post reader but posting my first thread because spring is in the air, my bike down waiting on some brakes and I am out of ideas ? Sidebar, I get so few hits on GL1000 videos though there must have been so many over the last 40 years. Does Youtube limit searches to only recent postings? With a problem like this, I would have expected so many youtube videos but found none... Cheers all .Ian


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Jul 4, 2013
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Clinton, TN
I replaced the rear master on a '79 CB750F with a Chinabay remote resevoir master. Had to relocate one mount hole, but otherwise worked well. Some come with a spare rebuild kit. It is wise to disassemble, clean the dirt and swarf they leave in them out, and reassemble using fresh brake fluid to lubricate the parts.

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