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Jan 12, 2010
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We love our by-ikes,
Oh yes we do-oo,
Replace the timing belts,
And you will to-oo.

Yep ... hang around long enough you will soon join the chorus too. It's not just the miles they've gone ... it's also the years. If you don't have proof of the belts' age, just replace 'em.

Mine went on a few rides before doing the belts. Yeah, I was young and reckless back in 'ought-7, but I needed to fall in love first. So, I can't slight anyone for the same thing. But, do take it easy and know that you're taking a risk.

Below is a list of threads and helpful web pages for you. Get to know your bike while spending a few weekends doing these procedures. Around here this is know as Quality Time.

  1. [*]Changing the Oil by Roady. A simple 1-hour procedure to get you involved with your new bike.

    [*]Timing Belts, Removal/Installation by Octane (Lars), NGW. This is certainly THE most important thing you will do for a new2U Wing.

    [*]Front Engine Renewal Project, GL1100 by Roady. Things that should be addressed when getting into the timing belts. All models.

    [*]Randakk's Carburetor Kit Get the video and/or book when you order the kit and get a discount.

    [*]Carburetor Rebuild by Octane, NGW. For GL1000 but much applies to all 4 Cylinder Wings.

    [*]Carburetor Removal, GL1100 by Roady. Similar in all years.

    [*]Carburetor Overhaul, GL1100 by Roady, NGW. Tips, tricks & tools for all GL1*00s.

    [*]Bench "Synch" for Carbs by Alley Kat, NGW. Get the synchronization pretty close before you take the carbs to the bike.

    [*]Brake Rebuild by Octane, NGW. GL1000 specific but all models benefit.

    [*]Valve Clearance Adjustment by Roady. All models.

    [*]Tips, Tricks & Tools by Octane, NGW. Includes contributions by many other members of this loony bin.

    [*]GoldWing Shop Manuals Here in our Gallery.

    [*]Large Wiring Diagrams Collected by Sidecar Bob. Be sure to download the LARGE version.


    Plus, as an added bonus ... we will escort you through the process. There's a forum here called
    General Shop Talk where you can create a thread to get help and share your progress.

    Please post pictures. We like lots of pictures.

    When Asking Questions, please give as much info as possible:
    • What year & model is the bike? (Hint: edit your Profile to include this info.)
    • Are there any mods pertinent to the question?
    • What work has been done (if any) to resolve the problem?
    • How long was the bike parked?
    • Is this a daily driver or a restoration/customizing project?


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We hope this helps with your new project. Welcome to the Classic GoldWings forums!