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Dec 3, 2009
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Duncanville, Texas
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I have not had a cover for the 1500 since I've had it. Never really needed one, since the shops I've worked at before always had a place to park it out of the weather. In January, we(the shop) moved to a new location...larger building, much smaller parking lot, place for the 'Wing inside.:cautious: I figured it was was time to get a cover for it, so I ordered one on line that was supposed to be large enuff to fit ain't. I even ordered one size LARGER than their measurements said I needed just to be sure. It's too small...barely even fits over the mirrors side-side, and at least 2 foot short front/rear. dammit! 🤬
Broke down Friday and stopped in the Cycle Gear store around the corner from the shop, and bought another cover, this one MUCH mo expensive, and was guaranteed it would fit a Goldwing. It even lists 1500-1800 Goldwing on the box! Got it out of the box today, is HEAVY, and thick. Kinda hard to maneuver around, ain't quite big enuff either, in my opinion. It IS stretchy, but still not long enuff to cover front to rear as well as the Built covers I was using on the 1100. Oh'll hafta do. I doubt this thing will even fold up small enuff to fit into the is quite bulky, it is supposed to be waterproof, but some of the reviews said that is a lie. We shall see. It has a built in strap for underneath to keep it from flying off, as well as openings at the front and rear to run a lock cable thru the wheels. The rear lock cable holes just happen to be perfect to fit over the exhaust pipes, so that's where Imma gunna put them. It also has a large, clear plastic "window" at the rear so the license plate is visible....I don't like that. It'll be the first thing to deteriorate. Oh well...tis what it tis, I s'pose.
I may sell the one will prolly fit a 1100 just fine...
XYZ brand cover size XXL.

XYZ brand cover size XXl...too small

Speedmetal Premium cover, size XL

Speedmetal Premium cover

Speedmetal Premium cover "exhaust pipe" holes

Speedmetal Premium Motorcycle Cover

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