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Aug 26, 2016
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Bolingbrook, IL
Purpose of this post is to introduce myself;

Hi my name is Paul, I just purchased a 1996 Goldwing SE. I have not rode a bike since 1985 and that was a GPZ 550. I always liked the design of the Goldwing back then but it just wasn't bike for me at the time. I'm a bit older now and figured now is my time to get one. Finances set the year of purchase, however, I really liked that 1500 era model anyway.

So I take her out on her maiden voyage and discover I cant turn worth a dam, its mucho heavy, and I'm thinking of how I could turn that GPZ inside the garage and hold it up with one toe.
I realize I need some slow speed turning techniques and fast. So after some tutelage on YouTube, I'm turning with more control and confidence, (thank you Gary Sanford). After I quit fighting her around turns and just let her do its thing she began to drive like butter. What an unbelievable piece of machinery. I put about 375 miles on it that weekend and my arm is tired from all the saluting fellow bikers. I have got to admit this Goldwing way past my expectations. What a ton of fun.

So Monday I decide to take it down to the store to pick up things and on my way back home on a busy street in the middle of a left hand turn the engine cut-off, I try to quickly restart and then electrical burn smell. I roll to a stop, I decide to push it up onto the sidewalk and accidentally drop the front tire into the grass. Now heavy has a new meaning. Eventually a Police Officer helps me get her back up on the sidewalk. I try to restart, but just a solenoid click. I figure I best get it in a parking lot so I push her down the sidewalk and see its all downhill from there. It then occurs to me pop the clutch in gear while rolling downhill and she fires back up, hurray :yahoo: . I driver her back home, put a charger on the battery and call it a night. I check her out in the morning, nothing but click. So I guess I'm looking at a starter in some shape or form, but better yet, I figure that someone out there has potentially had this experience, or has good advise, so here I am. I'm not discouraged, not in the least, just looking for and explanation and some advise. I am however fiending to get back riding. Paul


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Dec 3, 2009
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Mantua, New Jersey
Paul, welcome to the site from New Jersey! :clapping:

There could be several issues with the engine cutting out and a burning smell. I see you have a thread started already so hopefully the 1500 guys will chime in over there! :yes: