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Jen del

Mar 17, 2014
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Hi every one.
I’m listed as new member as I’m not that active here.
Quick intro, one day at the East of England BMF show after a few beers hubby and I passed Goldwing owners club stall. Behold the same 2 bikes we looked at the previous year had for sale noticed. A nice 81 1100 standard with a screen, crash bars and pannier and topbox (trunk) from an interstate. Cute and tidy bike same guy also had a much travelled 1200 for sale. Of course staying the night to watch the bands we had a few beers so not fit to test ride. Hubby got the guy to start the bikes and we had a good look at them, they sounded OK. As I’m looking at the 1100 with all the extras and crime on it I looked up and to my astonishment hubby was shaking hands with the guy and we now owned 2 more Honda’s to find space for in our garage all ready full of Honda’s. Well we had discussed a couple of classic Goldwings in the past and a good friend owned a 76 1000.
I would advice against buying a bike a bit drunk and unable to test first. We did basic service on the bikes, oil, coolant, changes check every thing worked, tyre pressures etc. All good. Saturday was ladies day at Ace Cafe and the old man was working I decided to go on my own with the 1100, only about 80 miles a good test. I got 10 miles and the temp gauge went high. I stopped checked coolant which was all there. So hubby had commented on an extra switch the manually operated the radiator fan. I switched that on and decided to continue to London. Temp gauge was high but bike didn’t seem to get any worse until London traffic. Fortunately Ace Cafe is on the edge of London.
I had a nice day at the Cafe donated to a few charities, bought a badge pin, chatted to some of the other riders especially the ones with old bikes. Great day.
On the way home I sat at 79mph the legacy limit. On occasion I had to throttle down, oh a tinkering noise hymmmm. Timing belt had slipped and a valve was hitting the a piston.

Engine out for inspection, mostly good but end main bearing journal worn, new crank needed. We found a seized engine on fleaBay for £200, hubby talked to old owner and believed the pistons to be gunked up, he was right apart from that it was all good, new water pump, oil pump and a good clean, heads and cylinders refurbed, good to go.

We fitted the second hand engine and started to get parts to rebuild the original engine, after buying 3 cranks from flea bay we found a good one that just needed a little work on the front oil seal journal. Living in Northants and hubby working for Mercedes -AMG F1 team it was easy to get our local crank racing specialist to do a quick machine on the journal and no insert needed. Mains, Big ends, every roller bearing, primary chain, water pump, refurb of some of the oil pump as we could get a new one, only parts, new oil seals, head valve Reg round and one exhaust changed. Gaskets and o rings replaced. New cam belts and tensioners and a Crome cam belt cover later. I have a rebuilt 1100 engine, let’s hope I did a good job.
Next job now is to take out the second hand engine and replace it with original (mostly) engine. Good news is that after all this I have purchased enough spares to build a 1100 Cafe with spares left over. Only down thought is the second hand frame is a 1200 frame, but hubby says that it can all be made to fit and work. But that’s for another day. 1200 now needs a service as the cam belt is also slipping on the over run, or it may just be a tappet thing. New belt and tensioners for the 1200 as well as oils, filters etc.

Any suggestions, or pearls of wisdom gratefully encouraged.

hello goldwing world from Derrick and Jeni
Jun 20, 2019
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Christiansburg, VA
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Looks like you two already know how to spot and deal with motor issues! This has been a great forum for me as well, even with my 40+ years of Honda experience. Nothing beats learning from other people's experiences in addition to our own, lol! Hope you can enjoy the experience as much as we do!