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Oct 1, 2019
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Hey all. I have recently been making contact with a number of custom piston manufacturers. Some pleasing and some not so pleasing results.
JE pistons in California are able to do pistons and so is dynoman pistons. Both need a sample of piston and bore sizing. I have asked if a 3D copy file would be adequate as being here in Australia it's a bit difficult to supply the sample.
The down side is obviously going to be cost. JE have quoted me around $850 for set of four. I'm assuming with rings and pin... And I can appreciate that this is possibly more than a lot of you have paid for your whole bike!!
I'll keep posting as I find out more... The next battle is to source bearing shells... If anyone has some ideas? I have a few emails out to a few custom bearing places. Hopefully as a collective we could find something that works for us..
I would like to add that I'm finding that we are not the only group of motorcycles having this issue...

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