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Selling my 1975 Honda Goldwing Full Dresser NOT RUNNING

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Jul 12, 2016
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Northern Illinois
I posted here a long time ago asking for help and I promised that I would post when I listed the bike on Craigslist and Offer Up

Here is a link:

https://chicago.craigslist.org/nch/mcy/ ... 69802.html

This was what I originally posted here:

Subject: Help me determine a price!!! 1975 GL1000

Not new to this forum but I recently joined legit. I've owned bikes all my life and have owned everything from dirtbikes to full dress to sportbikes. I'm currently riding a 2002 Kawasaki Vulcan Mean Streak 1500.

Here's the story:

Back around 2000 found this barn find, 1975 GL1000 that had been sitting for quite some time. The owner said it was his fathers bike that had been sitting since he passed, 1995(?). The father loved the bike and it was hi mileage of 66,000!!!!

I took it home and"cleaned" the carbs best I could. The points had to be replaced and upgraded, which I did. I got it turn over and run but I could never get them to sync up correctly so it was very low on power. Also, it had some antifreeze drip but that went away after I got it up and running. Being young and dumb I really didn't put the TLC it needed, I just wanted to make it move.

I was told the Vetter fairing was a professional install and I have some documents to prove that and the original manual, etc. The seat is obviously not original and the OEM is not to be found.

Anyway, I did use it for a few weeks, it was registered and I have a clean title, as a driver but eventually I loss interest and put it away in the hopes that "someday" I would come back and give it the love it needs. It never ran correctly and I could only use it to putter around town anyway.

Since then, life happened, marriage, kid, divorce, mortgage, yada yada yada. I always kept it stored covered in the garage, NEVER outside. Now I want to get rid of it. I need the money and I have to face the fact that I'll never give it the love I think it deserves.

The prices on the bikes vary so much, it's just crazy. I want to post on Craigslist and Ebay if I have to. I feel like I should get $1000 bucks because the full vetter fairing, with lowers is worth at least half that much (right?). AND its a full bike that could be made to run.... 1st year...am I way off here?

I'll welcome any comments, please feel free to tell me the truth, I can take it. Answer any questions as honestly as I can. THANKS!


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Oct 17, 2011
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Chandler, Arizona
Looks like a well preserved specimen to me. Guys here are a tough croud, but given the apparent condition, I am of the opinion that you are in the ballpark. If I was in the market for a low budget tourer and was in your area, I'd be poking at it. But, if you think it's worth a grand, why are you only asking $850? Sure would help your case if you could get it to fire off - even if it ran poorly.