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Jan 19, 2022
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So I have a 1975 GL1000. It's been sitting for about 6 weeks while we have been away for the holidays. Yesterday I went to start it and it was slow to turn over but eventually started. Just to be cautious I placed the battery on the charge overnight. The battery charger indicated that the battery was fully charged. I put the battery back in the bike and turned it over. It wound over well to start with but died a little bit then finally started. I went for a ride and when I stopped toe refuel the bike wouldn't turn over at all. Just a low click was all that could be heard. I tried kick starting it (which should have worked) but it would not start. I thought it must be the battery so I went home and took the battery out of my 76 LTD. I swapped the batteries over but the bick still wouldn't turn over. So I recovered the bike back home. I then took the battery from the 75 and put it in the LTD. The LTD started straight away. I tested the voltage over bot batteries. The LTD read 12.4v and the 75 read 13.1v (freshly charged). What would cause the bike to sound like it has a battery issue but doesn't and still won't start. (Magneto?). I also. Checked all the fuses and ignition relay. Everything seems to be in working order. I just can't work out why it won't start. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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Jul 4, 2013
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Clinton, TN
Starter, relay, cables, cable ends. I have had several cases where the cable end had poor connection to the wire itself due to corrosion. The starter is probably OK, or it wouldn't have started when it did. All of these are pretty easy fixes.

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