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Aug 7, 2021
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South dakotz
My Bike Models
83 aspencade. Matching trailer.
81 vetter setup (major refurbishing now) does run.
1.5 part 1100s
I Bill. South Dakota.

Sold my 2012 gl1800 as getting to big for me. Went to a very good guy have known for 20 years. He will take care of it.

Anyway, took a shadow 1100 in on trade from him. It did not feel right. Went looking for a 4cyl like we had 22 years ago. Easier to handel, lighter, etc. Got one today. 83 1100a with matching trailer. Yes, it will need some tweeking. But it rode nice home. Did have to bled off rear caliper tho. So that will get rebuilt. Brake pads, oil change, filter, etc.

Since ma and I do not do long trips anymore on bike feel it will be an ok Sunday rider. Should say weekday ride as we both retired now.

Will probly go darkside on this one also. Like 1800 was.

May be asking some questions here as after 20 years it hard to remember all the 4cyl tricks. Did check stator also. Oldest boy and I used to buy 1100s with bad stator then put 1000 stators in them.

Have owned a couple hd dressers, many sportys, lots of dirt bikes. Kids and I raced em for fun.



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Jun 19, 2013
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Buffalo, NY
Welcome to Classic.
When I got my low mileage '83 aspencade years ago, it would very slowly lock up the back (and linked front) wheel because the pressure wouldn't bleed off back to the m/c reservoir . Had to open the bleeder to get home. I was sure it was a plugged return port in the master wasn't! Proved it by cleaning the system and rebuilding the m/c three times! Only a genuine honda piston, shortened in the lathe by 1/8" solved the problem which hasn't returned in 10k miles. Never did find anyone who experienced a similar issue, very curious!
Good luck with your new ride.

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