front brake lever going all the way to grip

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Apr 15, 2020
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Richmond, VA
78 GL1000. The brake lever starts engaging the brakes about 3/4 way in. If I squeeze hard it will go all the way to the grip. I rebuilt both calipers and master cylinder with K&L kit 32-1324.
I bleed the brakes until clean fluid and no air was comming out of bleed valves. I reverse bleed by filling a 60cc syringe with fluid and pushed from bleed valve into m/c. Also burped all 6 banjo bolts. Is there somewhere air may still be trapped?
Have others had success with the K&L 32-1324 kit? The parts I installed from the kit looked identical to the parts I removed. I suspect the same kit was installed by a PO.
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Dec 3, 2009
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Mantua, New Jersey
There is an inherent issue with Honda front brake calipers. The bleed screw is not exactly at the top of the cylinder. This causes the slightest bit of air to get trapped in the caliper every time. The best way I have found to bleed front calipers (both single piston and duel piston) is this:

1. Remove the caliper bolts and take the caliper off.
2. Push the pistons all the way in which will push the brake fluid all the way back to the master.
3. Put a brake pad back in and clamp it to prevent it from allowing the pistons to come out.
4. With the caliper removed, hold it in a position so that the brake bleeder screw is facing straight up.

*NOTE* - Extremely important step! The master cylinder must be kept nearly full after you have pushed the pistons in and be topped off after each bleed!

5. Bleed the caliper until you get pressure (usually takes two bleeds to get the air out and pressure up).
6. Once bled and no air, carefully remove the clamp, place brake pads back in and install caliper.
7. With the caliper reinstalled, double check your master is full of fluid. With lid screwed onto the full master, pull the brake lever to slowly push pistons out.
8. After pistons are extended and brake pads make contact with rotor, STOP, refill master and screw lid on.
9. Continue pulling brake lever until pads are tight and pressure builds nicely.