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Thanks. I'll would like to take you up on your offer. I need both front turn signal studs. 22mm on the turn signal end and M14 x 1.5 on the threaded end.
Do you only have one?
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The forgiving part of a 1981 Interstate is that once you let it all cool down, you are good to go for another short distance and just enough to get it back home:)
I recently changed the clutch with a used gl1100 interstate clutch. Bad idea but good practice. I discovered that the heated plastic around the bearing will be the smell you smell from a burned out clutch. The first indicator I had was the sudden drag on the back wheel. The drag quickly turned to a seize up of the back tire.
Your description is a little confusing, if the back tire seizes up, I would suspect the brakes. How would a clutch stop the back tire if the engine is running?