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    what did you do today

    Enjoying the pics as usual William!
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    Gnashing of teeth

    I should have said the oil level had dropped when viewed with the engine off, not running.
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    Gnashing of teeth

    I once had the scavenger pump partially plugged so it couldn’t remove all the oil accumulated around the clutch. The result was easy shifting into first at cold start but after a few minutes riding, shifting up or down became almost impossible. First would drag heavily at a stop. May not be your...
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    Gnashing of teeth

    Great video. Explains constant mesh transmission really well. Learn something new I did.
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    what did you do today

    That’s one of those trucks that make their own bumps, Beefy as hell.
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    A word game

    Ecstatic that this topic survived the movE!
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    Say it isn’t so!!

    The moon is moving away from the Earth 1 inch per year, so Earthlings will no longer be able to see a lunar eclipse in 300 million years. Damn, Guess we can’t have everything! What have you heard today?
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    The New CGW forum

    It’s taking time to get everything refined and in its place but it will get there.
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    Milestone (of sorts) for the 1500

    Impressive. Doesn't seem like it took very long to put on that 50k. How long has it been?
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    Another One Back on the Road

    Carbs out of sync act like that.
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    Another One Back on the Road

    Interesting, increase in rpm normally shows there's a vacuum leak somewhere in the intake tract. I guess rpm vary stopped after torquing?
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    I’m back !!

    Yep :ROFLMAO:
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    I’m back !!

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    GL1200 Engine Rebuild - Part 5 - Post Getting To The Road

    No compression could mean the hydro adjuster needs to pump up. Had that happen on the 1200 I worked on. Took a bit of cranking with the starter before compression came up, close to a solid minute.