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Dec 25, 2015
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Victoria, BC,
Have been working on a document regarding my understanding of the CFI/EFI systems, how CFI components actually work, how the various CFI system ECU parameters interact, when used and a host of other considerations. Just printed out the first draft, some 85 pages, probably 75 are written. Will be reading it, doing the editing - want to reduce duplication, make sure the flow makes sense, and make it a good read and hopefully, a help to others. Thinking I want to include some of the my shorter musings and look at the initial writings I did a few years back. This is turning into a project much like the ECU project. Have started to include pictures for clarification. There's a lot to know about these GWs, even if a lot of information is not available.

EFI, or a partial EFI system such as one for ignition only on the older GWs, keep the carbs is going to be a consideration in the future. An ignition based EFI system may become the norm should alternate fuels become a reality, especially in urban centres. Need to tune the engine differently depending on the fuel used.

More to follow.