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Feb 27, 2021
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British Columbia
Has anyone had symptoms of drag on the back tire as the bike gets warm running for awhile? It started out as smoke and burning smell (but not tire burning smell) at high speed. I managed to pull into a gas station with the bike completely seized. After an hour or so when it cooled, I was able to get back home. I changed the back tire and its not a lagging brake. I changed out the clutch for a used clutch but it didn't last long. I changed all the friction plates in the clutch. I changed the oil and filter again. it seems alright at short distance but seems to tighten up when it's been in traffic for awhile. I changed the oil again and greased up the driveshaft. I guess you have to change the oil a few times until it's not so dirty for the new friction plates?
Sounds like a problem in the rear diff....bearing seizure, perhaps.
Need a bit more info. What year and model of GW? What maintenance has been done? Location of the smoke/smell? New friction plates should be an install and go, new oil would be used after the change. What tightens up after being traffic for a while? Friction plates should be soaked in the oil you use in your bike before install. Bike "completely seized" means? Pics of affected area would be good.
I Figured it out. It's possible that the brake caliper maybe bent a bit when I changed the back tire and the friction made everything so hot and expanded, so that it seized up the back tire. So when things cooled, I was able to ride again. Thanks to everyone for their input. Glory to Goldwing! Oh yes, It's an 81 and just like new again almost:) I've had it 26 years, on the third engine and what story it could tell it it could talk!
Was about to suggest an overheated rear caliper, or even a stopped up rear brake hose. Caliper piston seals get stiff and corroded with age and will stick when hot. I'd do an overhaul of all 3 calipers and hoses.

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