GL1100 1982 Naked(former Aspencade)

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Jul 3, 2024
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My Bike Models
GL1100 -82
XR650R -02
WR250F -21
I've documented my bike quite well over at
I spent the better time of this years winter to make her pretty and a bit more modern:
- All lighting LED(red LED's in the speedo/tach), except for the license plate light.
- Progressives front(springs) and rear
- Micro-controller called D-box by Joost Electronik which for example enables me to have only two buttons on the handlebars to control the entire bike. It also has electronic fuses so I could get rid of the fusebox. In fact I took the old wiring loom and tossed it, replacing it completely.
- A home brew micro-controller running ESPhome which I've setup to detect a Bluetooth puck I have in my motorcycle jacket. When I get within a couple of feet of the bike it will turn detect the Bluetooth puck and turn on the master power relay. If I move a couple of feet away from the bike it will toggle the horn relay twice and then shut off the master power relay. I do have a three way power switch in the faux tank in case it goes awry, have not tested the system thoroughly yet but I'm quite positive it will work well.
- Mosfet regulator/rectifier so the generator/alternator can chill instead of dumping all that sweet power into ground.
- Clutch and brake lever by ISR Brakes, really nice piece of kit.
- Texavina saddle

Unfortunately she is quite a bit of an oil burner and I can't seem to get the oil consumption down so I did what all reasonable guys do. I bought a GL1200 Limited Edition 1985 EFI motor from the UK.
It has 17500miles on it and looks really nice, it is still being shipped to me though.

The pictures of the bike were taken just before a week long trip to Poland, that's why the phone holder is on the bars. The holder usually sits on my XR650R.
Oh, and a pic of the motor that's on the way

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