GN400 minimalist (cafe) truck-bike

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dan filipi

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Dec 3, 2009
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Van Nuys Ca.
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joedrum » 5 minutes ago[/url]":30z6wqqg]
Really the ignition went bad ....the c5
I hope you’ve gone through all trouble shooting steps (check power, connections, hooked up properly, timing set, etc) before publicly condemning it.


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Apr 21, 2010
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Torrance, CA
Well here's what happened.

1. My Oldwing was left in a garage for a few months.
2. I turned the ignition ON, Fuel pump worked. Neutral light ON.
3. Pushed the starter button and one click sound then nothing (no neutral light.)
4. Disconnect and load tested the battery (6 year old). 0V under load.
5. Put the new battery in. Engine turned over fine but no sign of fuel igniting.
6. Removed the spark plugs and confirmed no spark.
7. I have relays for ignition and headlight, so I swapped them.
8. Still no spark.

I didn't check if the head light worked so there is a possibility that both relays gone down at the same time...

Besides from this, I had intermittent engine issue.

1. Engine stops out of the blue and won't start.
2. Engine looses power, difficult maintain idle, and dies.

Both of the above were not terminal. I waited a few hours, then eventually it started working as if nothing happened.

I had a bad ground before so maybe it's a continuation to that issue.
But I just want to go back to stock setting which was working fine.

Okay so I will retract what I wrote.


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Apr 29, 2017
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Argo, Ia
Whmmm.... if I was a betting man, I'd bet that there's a wire in there somewhere that's not getting adequate connection between battery negative and ground.

Resistance in the high-current starter path will prevent sufficient current for the starter to pull in (Clunk, perhaps a RawrRawrrrrawr), but not enough to crank fast (ClackSkideeSkideeSkideee!)... and... if it happens to be that there's a marginal path between the battery's auxiliary ground AND the chassis, your ignition system is probably 'seeing' insufficient voltage to fire...

And something I see all-too-often in my daily work: Capillary action. Stranded wire is incredibly effective at capillary action, and as one would expect, copper loves nothing more than to conjoin with oxygen in some deep dark spot, to form fuzzy green powdery offspring, cleverly hidden from the world inside that insulation. Some might say they suspect I work on boats, too...

Feel your way down the major wires... bend 'em... if they feel a little 'crunchy'... replace them... or better yet... put a known-good jumper wire from battery to your C5 and see fi you get spark... I'll bet you do!