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Jul 3, 2024
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I've been a long time lurker but finally decided to register.
What took me over the edge was reading @Rednaxs60 EFI adventure threads for the third or fourth time ;)
I'll soon be starting my own EFI adventure so might as well document it here.

I live in the very south of Sweden and as far as I know I've been heavy into motorcycles since day one. Started out on a Suzuki GT 750 -75 and then moved on to a crotch rocket(ninja 900) before settling into the Goldwing and an XR650R. Also did a couple of years of hard enduro between all that street biking.

This is take two, it seemed as if the forum crashed a couple of minutes after my post and it was rolled back to before my post ;)
I'm very well acquainted with Socrace's EFI build ;)
I bought a MaxxECU Mini on the basis that it is made by a Swedish company and their support is also available in Swedish.
When I get all parts I'll create another thread about it here in the forum.
Welcome! We're glad you joined us! I look forward to seeing pics from your adventure.

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