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May 9, 2015
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Clarksburg, WV
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On my 1982 GL1100 standard, after it starts and runs about two minutes it just dies and then will not start for a few minutes.
Shoot a little starting fluid in it and make sure its not electrical.
If you start it, it runs for a couple of minutes then it dies, but will start up again after a few minutes....will it do this consistently? Start-run-die-start-run-die, etc? If so, I would suspect, as others have mentioned, a clogged/restricted fuel system. Either the filter, or possibly the screen on the end of the pick-up tube in the fuel tank. Have you tried to turn the fuel petcock to reserve, and see if it does the same thing?. Another thought, and one I had issues with on "The Turd", was the venting system on the tank. Sometimes, it would die, or start running like it was low on fuel, and removing, or loosening the fuel cap would allow it to run. Just a couple of ideas. Doesn't really sound like an electrical problem, but it certainly could be. I would definitely rule out fuel issues first. ;)

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