The curse of The Turd strikes again....

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Dec 3, 2009
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Duncanville, Texas
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1981 GL1100 Innerstate("The Turd")SOLD!!, 1996 GL1500 Innerstate
🤬😡 Ridin into werk this mernin on the Green Weenie. About halfway here, I feel somethin ain't quite feels a lil bit squiggly. Gotta be a friggin tire goin down, I tells meself. Sure nuff, rear tire air just up and disappeared like a fart in the wind. Got to the shop, checked the tire, all the way around, both sides, nothin. No punctures, screws, nails, arrowheads, RPGs, nada. Get some glass cleaner and spray on the valve stem....SONofa🤬! Leakin like crazy, same as the front one was a couple of weeks ago. So now, I'm stuck here at the shop, with no ride. I do have new valve stems(I bought extra when the front tire stem broke).....just gotta figure out how the heck am I gunna get it fixed AND do my normal werk too......dammit.....
Got it torn down, and tire removed. Will replace the valve stem tomorrow(I hope), and re-assemble. Had to have Mama come and pick me and bring me home... 😁

Front ain't so bad....the rear is a whole nuther thing....:confused: Did get the valve stem replaced today, and the tire ready to go back on and then slap it all back together. Imma gunna wait til Saturday to do that. Just feels wrong to be werkin on my own stuff while at werk, even tho the owner(s) don't care. In fact, they harassed me yesterday until I finally gave in and tore the durn thing down just to get them to shut the hell up. 🤣😂 Good people I werks for these days. :cool:😊

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