To bagger or not to bagger the GL1200

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Aug 29, 2022
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1985 Kawasaki Concours
1975 Honda GL1000
To be honest after this summer's trip to meet up with my daughter I really don't anticipate another ride with a passenger and am mulling over removing the trunk, dropping the rear with CB1000C shocks I picked up on ebay, and cutting down the spare windshield to make the bike into a wannabe cruiser. I really don't have the funds to buy a Harley or metric cruiser, flying lessons suck out the bank account like a black hole.

Talk me into or out of it
Tan Honda GL1200 bagger.jpeg

Honda GL1200 trunk delete bagger.jpeg
Are there wire wheels that'll bolt on from a earlier GW or some newer cruiser?
I just finished washing and waxing the bike and afterwards took a long look and changed my mind. I can't butcher this survivor. Just cutting off the radio control to allow stalk mirrors (arriving tomorrow) made me feel bad.

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