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Jun 2, 2022
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Hello everyone,

I am looking into purchasing a 1200 series Goldwing, but I am understanding that the 1984-1985 models had issues with overheating caused by faulty ignition switches. I have also seen that there was a recall on these. I also understand that there were issues with the wheels due to faulty machining.

Having done some research already, I am seeing that there are many comments about stators going bad. It appears that people are replacing them with upgraded aftermarket stators and some say that the real issue is the stator plug itself.

Before putting money down on one of these models I would really like to know the possible issues and the fixes.

I am also being told that I should only look at the 1987 GL 1200 models as they had all of the improvements done to them.

Thanks for any feedback.
Another issues the 84-87 series has is the hesitation and rough running at 2500 rpms and below, Honda did a fix on the 86 by increasing the low jet from a #35 to a #40, so check to see if the low jet is a #40 to be ahead of the low running issue.

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