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Parts For Sale 1993Honda Goldwing Parts for sale W/Pictures

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Sep 30, 2021
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1993 Honda Goldwing Aspencade 1500
I have a few items I am selling in case anyone is interested.

1) Center Stand assembly - Price $40.00 dollars (You pay shipping)
2) Black Side Panels with the emblem and Goldwing logo, it has all of the snaps on the back, nothing broken Price $ 40.00 Dollars (You pay shipping)
3) Ignition ring- 5.00 dollars and you guessed it (You pay shipping)

You can reach me via email at [email protected]

Pictures are below:


  • Ing ring 1.jpg
    Ing ring 1.jpg
    151.6 KB · Views: 66
  • ing ring 2.jpg
    ing ring 2.jpg
    121.7 KB · Views: 65
  • Side Panels 1.jpg
    Side Panels 1.jpg
    231.2 KB · Views: 64
  • Side Panels 2.jpg
    Side Panels 2.jpg
    105.2 KB · Views: 61
  • Stand 1.jpg
    Stand 1.jpg
    231.4 KB · Views: 64
  • Stand 2.jpg
    Stand 2.jpg
    471.1 KB · Views: 68

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