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For Sale 1994 Honda Goldwing GL1500SE

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May 23, 2014
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Cleveland Oh
For sale is a 1994 Honda Goldwing Gl1500SE with a TowPac Kit installed. I have over $6800.00 invested which I know don't mean crap but I am open to lower offers because a good running motor is around $500.00 So make me a reasonable offer and this bike may be in your garage. Please do not insult me either with a number we both know is a insult. This bike is ready to go cross country without any problem except 4th gear that I can give you a guaranty. It has just developed the 4 gear issue where it will pop out and go back to 3rd on hard acceleration. This bike has so much done to it that truly its one of a kind I can guaranty you that. Here is a list of some of the items that have been done to it in the past 2 years. The bike has 152000 miles on it and is truly one of the only 1500's I have owned that has no running issue at all except the 4th gear issue.
All maintenance is up to date with the timing belts replaced at 150K per the maintenance manual and a complete tune-up along with new NGK spark plugs. There are too many recent upgrades to this bike; but I will name a few and I have all receipts. Color is Candy Spectra Red C176. Full Honda Owners Manual. This is one sweet ride that turns heads everywhere it goes. I have gone through this bike from front to back and have pictures, documentation and receipts with parts warranties for new owner. The Goldwing has all the normal amenities for the year. . ...AM/FM Cassette, CB radio, Intercom, Cruise Control, Reverse, etc.
Brand new speakers by J&M because of the age of the old ones and not the cheep ones either.
New fork rebuild with progressive springs bushings and seals at 150K miles.
New triple tree steering head bearings.
New Custom LED lights threw out the whole bike including flood turning lights that remain on so you can easily identify curbs that turn into turn signal for that side that flash when you have the turn signals on. Also the ring of fire is a white driving light that also turns into a turn signal when its on. I also added Turn signals in the mirror on this one.
Brand New Front & Rear Tire
New-style HID front dual headlights.
New GL1500 Auxiliary Shifter Pivot. Much improves the shifting. Also replaced shift shaft seal.
New alternator dampeners also installed.
Clutch master cylinder replaced along with new brakes on all wheels and brand new brake master cylinder including front calipers with Honda Brake pads at 150K.
Both Clutch master and slave are brand new with Master brake are new then I also replaced both handle bar switch's with brand new ones.New air and oil filters both sub filters.
Both Honda Clutch Cruise Switch's, Front Stop Switch, Clutch Master Cylinder Pushrod Bushing, Rev switch with new handles Bushing & bolts.
Differential Oil replaced at 150K
Engine Guard Plate "Belly Pan" For GL1500 Goldwing
I have added a custom volt meter for your piece of mind with a custom trans gear indicator into the dash.
Yes, this GL1500 has electric reverse which works properly and is a great aid & micro switch replaced
I'm sure I missed a few items so with that all being said I'm asking best offer. Contact me threw the e-mail system with your name and phone number and I'll give ya a call. Thanks for taking the time to read this and looking.


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Dec 8, 2009
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chuluota florida
well the fourth gear issue is quite a big deal to me ...it take a week to get motor out it seems let alone fix it ...its a damage big dog for sure .....cost thousands in time and parts to fix this ...shame really nice ride


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May 23, 2014
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Cleveland Oh
I need the funds to finish my other project bike. The motor runs so damn good on this bike that I would not be afraid to ride it across country at all.