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Motorycle For Sale 1975 GL1000 For Sale...

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Lowrider Bud

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Dec 13, 2020
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East Texas
I have decided that it is time to sell my '75 Goldwing. It has been a fun bike and gets a lot of (positive) attention when I ride it. Just got back from the Texas Fandango in Fredericksburg, TX. It ran great the entire weekend.

This is a single-carb conversion and it is dialed in pretty well. It starts and idles good and will take throttle through all the RPM ranges without bucking or popping or coughing. The drive train is solid, has brand new tires front and back (less than 500 miles on them). It is not a show bike, it is not original but the mods are correct for a naked bike.

As for the not so good about the bike; it needs fork seals, a new neutral switch (or cleaned), and some cosmetic work to pretty it up a little.

I have a few threads on this forum that go over the build project and a video of it running. It actually runs better now then when the video was made and posted.

I've got well over $3500 in this bike, but will take $1500 because that's what the market is for these bikes, and I'm getting too old to be crawling around working on it, so the herd is being thinned. It's located in Coldspring, Texas (about an hour north of Geo Bush Airport).

Message me if you would like more information or better pictures, Thanks, Bud...
I will add some pictures to this thread later.
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The Courthouse pictures are far from being done. Texas has 254 counties and I think I have shot 61 to date. I do plan to take a trip down the Gulf Coast later this month or early May and hope to visit about 12 or 14 more courthouses then. I missed a couple this past weekend when I went to the Texas Fandango in Fredericksburg, but rain limited my activates. As it has for adding pictures to this thread. It's supposed to rain here through Sunday.

Later, Bud...

BTW - no bike projects planned, age and health are limiting factors.
Here are the pictures I promised last week. I finally was nice enough to take it outside.
73 GL1000 1.jpg75 GL1000 2.jpg75 GL1000 3.jpg75 GL1000 4.jpg75 GL1000 5.jpg75 GL1000 6.jpg
love your build. the seat setup really classes up the bike. Have not read about your conversion , what carb did you end up using?
Thanks the bike is very 'photogenic'. It took first place in RAT Bike Class at a local show last October.

I used the Chinese Solex 34 PICT-3 reproduction. It took about 2 months (seat of pants tuning) to get it dialed in. I don't remember what jets I used in the end, but it starts right up and takes throttle through the entire RPM range. It floods easy so I turn the fuel off when the engine is not running, don't give it more than one twist, and no choke.
I've been riding the bike mostly local but made one 75 mile trip from Coldspring to Willis to Huntsville and back to Coldspring. Bike ran great. It can sit for a couple of weeks (without a battery tender) and it starts right up. Raising the price to $1800 cause it's worth it...

Later, Bud
Your bike is gorgeous. I'm sure my wife would murder me for bringing another Wing home. . . I'll keep an eye on my finances and if it's still around near tax time, I'll see if I can even feasibly get it. . . Texas is a ways away, but I have a boss who goes everywhere for bikes. . .
After one year I have not had a serious offer for this bike. So, I'm not going to sell it. Maybe just put it in the back of the shop and throw a cover over it.

Later, Bud...
Hey Lowrider Bud! I'm S of Dallas and interested in the bike if you still have it! Todd

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