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Motorycle For Sale 1977 GL1000 VERY CLEAN 33461 miles Paso Robles, California

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Oct 19, 2023
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Canyon Lake, Texas
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1977 GL1000
Time to part ways as I'm won't be able to run her enough to keep things fresh and moving. Clear title, 33461 miles, this example is as clean as I see them. New timing belt, battery, all fluids, carbs tuned by a professional classic restoration expert 2 years ago. Sim;ply stated - this bike starts and runs like new. I'm near Paso Robles, California in Atascadero. I have a truck and trailer and am willing to deliver or meet a buyer within reason (negotiable).

$4,000.00 FIRM - less than that I'd simply prep and store and wait for more of these to be 'modified' making this even more rare (I have the original seat in San Antonio, Texas). Limited to 10 photos here - I have complete pics if seriously interested.

Contact me directly at three-oh-four two-70-6169


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So I've had no response on this here, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace. I wonder if it's just the market/economy, do I have it priced too high (For some reason these bikes just don't bring the prices that I think they should...). Does this community think I have it priced too high?
It's a beautiful example, but sadly it's not where the market is. They made millions of them and they're just not in style right now and maybe ever. Almost everybody under 50 has no interest in them. Take a look at my photos. My '81 Interstate is as fine an original paint as you will find. If I put it up for sale, I'd be lucky to get $2K. Good luck, Dave