1985 GL1200 Limited Edition Carcass

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Dec 25, 2015
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Victoria, BC,
Thought I'd start a new thread regarding the '85 Limited Edition carcass that I bought this past spring. I have some posts on my other thread regarding my '85 Limited Edition - Getting to the Road.

Bought the carcass so I would have additional spare parts such as an ECU, wiring harness and various other items. One of these items is the engine. Should the engine go on my '85, getting another is cost prohibitive.

The carcass was a sight to behold:
The swing arm and rear tire are from an 1100 just to get it on/off the trailer.

Took it into my brother's garage when I got to his place and started to strip the bike. Have a good ECU, cruise control module, handle bar switches - bit faded, but the faces are in very good condition, complete wiring harness, CFI sensors, injectors and much more:
Tried to turn the engine over but it would not. Took the cylinder heads off - intended to anyway, and found a build up of crud in number 4 cylinder that was preventing the engine from turning over. Once the heads were removed the engine turned over just fine.

Had to take the engine apart for transport back home to Victoria. This also allows me to place certain parts in areas of the car depending on weight of the item. The engine is in good condition considering it has been sitting a while. Crank and con rod bearings are in very good condition as are the pistons. Overall engine condition is good and rebuilding the engine in the fullness of time. Have been making a list to determine what will be required to do the engine rebuild.

Would have liked to keep the frame, had an ownership with it, but no where to keep it.

In the process of cleaning parts/pieces for transport.

Thinking I will do the cylinder hone, and lap the cylinder head valves - barring this it will be off to the machine shop. Need new valve stem seals, piston rings, a few oil seals, and should be good to go.

Will update as I progress.