Memorial Weekend ride through tornado alley

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Aug 29, 2022
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I've planned this trip to the Indy 500 for nearly a year and what makes it even more important to me is a reunion with my daughter who is flying in from Seattle. Tickets, time off, room reservations, bike prep, packing, everything is done.

This El Nino weather pattern blowing Pacific moisture over the US is really causing havoc but I just can't bring myself to cancel.

Last year the GL1200 felt capable in the wet loaded down on fresh tires. There's no ABS but I've never had a bike with it so no big deal. Just to keep track of weather I downloaded the Drive Weather app to my Android tablet and will run that in my tank bag pouch.

I'll post updates here as progress moves along. Departing Thursday morning.
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Went along the coast on I10 from Houston to Hammond, LA then north to Memphis and missed the t-storms! Road was damp in places but didn't even feel a raindrop. Fox Weather is really helpful in route planning.

Just before the Mississippi bridge a group of about 20-25 Banditos in 2x2 formation roared past while I was doing 85 mph. Pretty impressive, sounded like a WWII radial bomber going by.

This is at a rest stop south of Memphis. Very pretty country and the drivers are way more courteous than in Texas.

Going to bed at the West Memphis Days Inn now, long day tomorrow.
Woke up at 4 and checked AccuWeather radar to see a huge storm cell headed straight for Memphis from the SW! Got on the road ASAP and stayed ahead of it. Taking a break at a rest stop on I57 in Illinois. Members will be pleased to know I've had positive comments on the old 1200 and a thumbs up out the window from a driver.
Nearing Indiana the clouds turned heavy so checked the radar at the next fuel stop and ANOTHER big storm was bearing down from the west! Expedia found a room in Terre Haute at normal rates, everything in Indy is either sold out or 4x regular price. Hauled ass and got there with 10 minutes to spare. Older place but with a place to park in shelter so I'm not complaining 😀

The rain is going to continue tomorrow I'm afraid. I gave my daughter the option to cancel but she declined to as her flight and AirBnB are unrefundable. Well, will try to make the best of it. The race starts at 11AM EST on NBC.
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A day without rain! The morning ride from Terre Haute was cool and enjoyable, arrived at Raceview Family Campground across from Lucas Oil Raceway and set up camp. My daughter's flight arrived on-time and we had lunch at a Mexican taco patio. Her Bnb is big enough for two so I'm moving in. Next time I post will be from the Indianapolis Motor Speeeway motorcycle lot 😃
Got home at 3:30 am cst, 14.5 hours on the road. Made it safely, all one can ask considering the weather. I have something to say about the crumbling state of the US interstate system in areas but will leave that for another time.

Thanks to everyone for the replies and thumbs up, it gave me motivation 😉👍