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Yes, you can centerstand on a HF lift, but... if you have a wheel vise that prevents forward motion, a jack is needed to get the centerstand down. (It's outside in the driveway to do a little sandblasting on the frame )


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ya, idk, picked up some 8 ft skids today, solid 1'' bys, maybe can figure something out, just get it off and up so i can see what im doing on a timing belt change out
I picked me up a Big Blue lift a few years back and had an HF style lift as well. Got rid of the HF style lift took up too much room in the garage, the Mrs keeps insisting her car has to be in the garage as well. The Big Blue lift works well. All lifts have some quirks, but the Big Blue lift works well. Bike is some 27 inches off the floor at full height. Have to lie on the floor every so often. Can use it for the Spyder as well.
Yes you can - put both of my Wings on their center stands on the Harbor Freight Lift. Don't forget to tie it down on both sides though.
Getting up off the floor is the hard part! Lying down is nice 'cause my floor is heated, but the risk of a nap is always present. To get the centerstand down with this wheel vise, requires strapping down the front to jack up the back, then the stand goes down.


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