Newly single carbed, resurrection story. Thank you all :)

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Lowrider Bud

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Dec 13, 2020
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East Texas
It's been a while since I tuned this carb, but here's what I remember I did to get it to run as good as it does, and it will haul; no flat spots, no surging, no popping or missing.

1st. I tied open the choke. It does nothing now. The bike starts right up without it. Even after setting for a few weeks and cold.

2nd. set the Air By-pass and Idle Mixture screws to initial setting. If I remember correctly they are both just about where I started and make almost no difference at idle.

3rd. I set the idle using the fast idle screw. I know folks say that is a no-no, but it worked for me.

The bike idles about 1500 RPMs. Here's a link to a video, but the wind is loader than the engine. Ol' Wing Road Test (I'm a lot better bike mechanic than cameraman.)

Hope this helps. Bud...

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