Rise of the old wing/Front brake bleed update

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Dec 22, 2014
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Jamestown ND
I thought I would start a new thread and try to keep it updated and share anything learned. I have included a picture of the bike as it was when I got it in 2014. It was a light roll over but had sat for a while, so the carbs were all messed up and at that time it was cheaper to buy a used wing than rebuild the carbs. So that was what I did, and the left-over parts went in the shed till last fall when I thought I should get it going. I had been researching the single carb setup and being that I built a vw trike back in 08 and still have and ride it decided to go that way. I have it running and seems to work well. I started in the back checking, fixing, replacing anything that didn't look road worthy. Replaced rear master cylinder with eBay modified universal and replaced line rebuilt caliper and seems to be good. Now on to front and what a pain it has been but thanks to good members I should get it done. I decided to try to make a stand to hold the caliper correctly, so the bleeder is at the top. I will let you know the results.


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Well I have tried everything I know of to do and the only thing that I came up with is I must have a faulty master cylinder, I even separated the system and made a setup to test each caliper by its self with no change in end result I get pressure to a point but never a solid handle and I bleed and bleed and I know there couldn't be any air left in the system. I will get a different one and post the results. The pic is of the test stand I threw together.
I notice you didn't mention tying down the handle yet. It is the final important component when I bleed honda brakes. When you're done bleeding, put the bike on the sidestand, position the bars so the brake master so it's at it's highest point, and strap the lever down to a 1/2" thick spacer on the h-bars. Let this sit overnight, (I bump the bars each time I walk by to shake the bubblles loose to rise to the top and out). The next day or later, remove the strap and pump the handle to see the results. It looks like you have already switched to stainless braided lines. Good luck.

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