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I tried both links, they get you there, when I push the play button, screen goes black (a little thinking goes on) then message Invalid Parameters shows up. Later I'll try on another computer
yep some great work ... great strait restoration on the bike ...nicely done ...ill have to try and meet the joe and dan guys ....sound like great guys .. :whistling: .great work paul on bike and vids
[url=https://classicgoldwings.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=153305#p153305:3qr3u8hq said:
dan filipi » Sat Jul 11, 2015 3:42 pm[/url]":3qr3u8hq]
Both video's work for me. Nicely done too.

If you like, I can transfer them to the forum's youtube channel so we can embed the video's into your post?
Yeah that's a great Idea. Also in need of more shirts.
Hello today on this cold day in South Florida. Well as some know the engine went down. The primary chain Tensiner I think is causing the chain to no spin the engine free. Plus it was getting noisy. So I was going to pull the engine out of my 77 and put it in the 78. Well I'm not going to do this now. Being it is winter in Florida that is the best time to ride I'm going to rebuild one of them that I have here and out. I ordered a complete gasket kit and I also have them heads from the 75. and a new set of valve seals. So I'm not getting in any hurry to pull the 77. Plus I ordered a new clutch pack and springs. Build time fellas Just need to figure out what one. I'm going to need a tensiner for my engine I have in there now but untill I get it apart I'm going slow..
Hello again.
I have an update on my 78 gl1000 bike. I figured I'd go ahead and pull the engine (again) it wouldn't turn over all the way. After further inspection I found that the nut on the back of the gen thinngy got loose (po) and somehow caused the magnets over time to crumble and break apart. I have a lot of noise in the primary chain on idle sounds like metal on metal at idle. When you get off idle it go's away. I'm guessing that it's time to change out the chain Due to the millage on the engine. So' I was going to find out of the chain tensener out of a 1100 would be a better fit. But the chain out of the original engine will work fine due to it only has 23k on it. My 77 is put up for the summer drained the carbs and filed the tank with treated fuel. Tinkering on my 78 was going to part it out. But after all the work I say no. This is my update on the 78 bare bone frame in the shop. Summers are way hot down here so riding and wrenching is done either early morning or late afternoon. But when I go back to work on the 5th I'l do less of both. Have a great 4th of July weekend.!

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