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Jun 7, 2015
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My Bike Models
2003 bmw r1200c
84 gl1200
I’ve modified probably 4 wings to a single 34 pict 3 carb with little issues over the years.
My current one is an 84 and it’s stumping me.
I have all 4 plugs sparking ( orange)
I have the same aftermarket fuel pump I’ve always used and it is working.
I’ve preset the solex 34 pict 3 carb . Large screw 2 turns out, small screw 2 1/2 turns out.
The bike is very hard to start and will not idle without holding open the throttle.
I have a temporary transparent auxiliary gas bottle connected to the fuel pump ( will clean out gas tank later). It’s hanging on the handlebar.
When I attempt to start the bike I can clearly see the gas level dropping rather quickly in the bottle.
I’ve never had to install an inline fuel pressure regulator before with this setup but did anyway and it did appear to help a little but the bike is still hard to start.
I checked the plugs and 3 were fouled.
Could it be the coils?? Orange spark should be blue.
Could it be the pulse generator??
Attached is a pic of the fuel pump I use.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks


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Think I found the culprit…. Electric choke.
Never had an issue before. I guess I will unplug it and take it from there.
Geeeeeesh!!! New problem. Slight oil emittting from left exhaust. Checked compression- 1,2,3 are at 125. Suspect plug 4 is around 110.
Will soak plug holes with some mmo for a few days and also put some in crankcase.
This should free up any stuck rings. Also explains why it was so difficult to start!!
Did compression check incorrectly. Did not warm up engine and forgot to open throttle.
Numbers went up slightly and she’s idling just fine now :) I think this bike has been sitting for quite a while , so she’s going to get some xtra tender loving care to get her optimal again !!
The theme for this build is “steam punk”.
Playing with a few of these ideas:


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She’s up and running. Still lots to do but hey…. She runs.
I’m proud of myself since I installed new tires for the first time. A must have is a Baja no pinch tool, even works on Goldwing tires.
Electric choke on single carb opens rather slowly but once open….. bike idles just fine.
Cleaned out gas tank, I’m using Honda prelude fuel pump.
I’m excited!!! Will begin the teardown and start the build!!


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Update!!! I change the oil and substituted one quart with Lucas stabilizer for high mileage engines. Took her on a little run and…. presto!! She’s not smoking anymore:)
In the meantime I bought this beautiful Vulcan Drifter I could not pass up! I sold one about 10 years ago and swore I would buy another and keep forever:)


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