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Dec 3, 2009
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Duncanville, Texas
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1981 GL1100 Innerstate("The Turd")SOLD!!, 1996 GL1500 Innerstate
Purchased: Sat Oct 22, 2016 39,380 miles at purchase.
10-22-16 39,405 miles New front tire installed after purchase(Dunlop E4) Rear tire in good shape

12-9-17 54,111 mileage 14,706 miles on Dunlop front tire. New front and rear tires. Dunlop E4s installed w/Dynabeads.
5-22-18 57,685 mileage (3574 miles on new tires)
7-15-18 59,894 mileage 20,489 miles since purchase. 5783 miles on tires
12-3-18 64,263 mileage 10,152 miles on tires
3-18-19 65,349 mileage 11,238 miles on Dunlop E4s (25,969 miles from purchase)
6-28-19 68,392 mileage 14,281 miles on tires. Rear tire has squared off in center, but still plenty of tread. Front tire still good condition.
7-8-19 68,635 mileage 14,525 miles on tires screw in rear tire, dead center of tread, plugged.
7-13-19 68,738 mileage NEW Dunlop E4 rear tire installed w/ Counterbalance beads.
8-23-19 70,778 mileage Found screw in NEW Dunlop E4. New tire ordered.
(Have determined Balance Beads and tire plugs is not a good combination. Beads stick to plug, and centrifugal force pulls the plugs INSIDE of the tire.)
9-1-19 70,812 mileage New Rear Dunlop E4 installed with Dynabeads
5-13-2020 75,007 mileage 4195 miles on rear tire
7-30-2020 78,130 mileage 7318 miles on rear tire 24,019 miles on front tire
11-23-2020 New front tire ordered(Bike Bandit $188). Front tire starting to cup, and shimmy at low speeds.
12-2-2020 New Dunlop Elite 4 front tire arrived(finally) today. Manufacture date of 5-2020
12-5-2020 82,829 mileage New front Dunlop E4 installed. 28,718 miles on old E4.
6-20-2022 26,616 miles on rear tire
8--20-2022 97,428 mileage New Dunlop E4 rear tire, new rear rotor and pads installed.
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