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Dec 3, 2009
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Duncanville, Texas
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How's erryone doin out there? Lil bit slow around the forum this week! Cold weather stuff is suckin a big fat one for me, and I'll be glad when it warms up to above freezing for a change. Bought a new storage building to be built in my back yard, and I been attempting to get the area leveled out for it for the past month. It's a slow go, only being able to work on it on weekends. Ground is muddy, and tree roots making it hard to shovel anything once I do get it dug up. Fence gates not wide enough to get any kind of powered equipment back to help, so it's all having to be done by hand. Gettin there, but it's slow. My back and knees being shot ain't helping much, either. Just about got the perimeter, and concrete pads leveled. Still have to dig out the center/field area and lay down more pads to support the center floor joists. They will be coming Feb 2nd. to build the durn thing....hope I'm finished by then. 💀😵
SO....what else is happnin out there?
Well I shoveled a path to the workshop and turned the heat up. Time to get back on my cafe project. No, not the wing, but the 82 cb650sc that's been modified and experimented on for the last three years. Maybe this year it will get ridden


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Pretty quiet here too.
Been kind of blah weather so hard to get motivated.
Went to a wedding yesterday, family friends we’ve known since their kids were babies.
Not much else on the horizon, just more blah lol.
I've been working hard and spending time with family. Tax season will be when I really have fun, as then the Wing will be registered, get new shoes, and a full fluid change. I'm basically in a holding pattern. . .

I'd like to work on some my project bikes, but, my garage doesn't have a lot of insulation, so, it costs a lot $$ to heat when it is below freezing outside.
Quiet here as well. Got a bit of snow, snowblower works well. Learning a drafting/drawing app, KiCad. Have been working on the new CFI system wiring schematic. Can't do much with the GW until the weather improves. Hockey weekend is here in Victoria with the CDN teams on the ice, going to visit the venue today.

I'd like to work on some my project bikes, but, my garage doesn't have a lot of insulation, so, it costs a lot $$ to heat when it is below freezing outside.
PMS, That explains why I've been so restless lately. Two motorcycles and three bicycles not being ridden. Too cold in the garage to work out there. Come on Spring.
wasn't feeling good all last week. yesterday i ventured out for some pic's
i've never been lucky enough to catch a laker in January, this is a first !! must be one of the last to make it through the Soo locks


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It got down to 35° last night here in Holiday, Florida. Not cold for most of y'all, but we were freezing our nitzles off! (my wife's saying)
I still ride my Sportster every day to work though, as the Wing isn't road legal yet. I really am looking forward to that full fairing... 😅
I've lived through blizzards in the military, but that was almost twenty years ago. I'm not a fan of the really cold or hot temperatures anymore...