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Winger 82

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Dec 11, 2009
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Gonna do an oil change on my 2019 Ford Edge with a 2.0 eco-boost and saw on you tube that they make filters for full synthetic oil, does anyone know if this is for real or just a marketing gimmick ??
Thanks in advance
Winger 82
Were they referring to this?

Does synthetic oil need a special filter?

If you are using synthetic oil, do you need a synthetic oil filter? No. The use of the word “synthetic” in the case of synthetic oil filters refers to the material it's made from. Synthetic media is used in the manufacturing process, rather than traditional pleated paper.
As someone who's worked in both the automotive and powersports service industry, "special synthetic filters" are a load of garbage. Motorcraft, Napa Gold, K&N all make good filters. Most filters are made by only a hand-full of manufacturers, so it comes down to preference and price.

OEM, Amsoil, and K&N make their own filters I know. Wix and Mann make a lot of the others, I think.