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Interesting couple of days. Rescued and let go a hummingbird that couldn't get out of the garage. Insulated the garage ceiling with two layers ion R-12 pink insulation. Made a misstep and fell through the ceiling, don't know how many ceilings I've been in and never had this happen - all's good no injuries. Fixed the hole today, and finished the walkway in the attic, do not like walking on trusses. Cleaned up the garage and house, now for more on the bike.
Beautiful day in the Missouri Ozarks ,rode old 66 ,here I am on the famous Devils Elbow Bridge .


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Painted the engine for the '76 , came out pretty good! It is cast coat aluminum, the lighting makes it look darker. Going to do the idler pulley upgrade soon.


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Took both Wings for for short 20 mile rides and filled them with non ethanol fuel and sta-bil. Then this evening took the Grand kids out trick or treating.
I put a new set of points in the '76. Then spent an hour or more adjusting the point gap to make them both fire at the same time so at least that's done before the timing light comes out.
Does that sound like the right way to do it? I'm very familiar with the cb750 points, but these are just a little different to me.
Sad day indeed, what are you doing for a new ( or continuing) hobby ?
I am going in for shoulder surgery in December with an expected multiple month recovery. For now, my hobby is going to be to not break or tear anything else!:ROFLMAO:

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