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yesterday i went to Taylor, Mi and picked up a companion for my IceBear


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I put a new set of points in the '76. Then spent an hour or more adjusting the point gap to make them both fire at the same time so at least that's done before the timing light comes out.
Does that sound like the right way to do it? I'm very familiar with the cb750 points, but these are just a little different to me.
Do you have the Honda FSM? It is spelled out fairly clearly in it.
i had a bad reaction to onions at henry's today which triggered vertigo. once home i went and got keys for the IceBears. i got the BlueBear out and changed the shift lever, the blackBear came with a heal / toe shifter but i changed it too. after that i went to work and changed the carb, i'll have to drain the tank and run both fuel lines direct to the carb soon. i also installed a battery tender harness. vertigo started bothering me so i called it a day


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Dragged the bike outside to sandblast the rust near the rear master cylinder. Much easier than a wire wheel. Then wrapped it back up to repaint.
Does anyone have a suggestion for a better match than duplicolor for honda frame black?


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Not bike related, but today I woke up to the sound of jackhammers. They are working on the street. No notice, so I could not prepare myself for it.

Oh well. At least the street will be nicer.
haven't posted in awhile. my black IceBear had been down since just before winter, between vertigo and cold weather i had not had a chance to see what was wrong with it. yesterday after figuring out and fixing what was wrong i got it running, today i took a 6km ride so i'm back on the road


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It was a beatiful day in NE Ohio so I took my wife out for lunch on the "83 GL1100i. We spent about 2 hours cruiseing some nice, quiet country roads in Amish country. That's our daughter with me in the photo.


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