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Well, I have the new head gasket in hand. And ONE of the idler bearings. I had ordered two at the same time from Amazon, but one came USPS today and the other is setting ~10 miles away at the UPS hub. Bother. Anyway, re-tapped the block, ran the bolts over the wire wheel in the drill press. The idlers are mounted on 10mm x 25mm bolts that I turned the heads on to fit through the holes in the arms with ~2mm flange on the backs. Same as I did on the Hunley. Mounting the idlers using nyloc nuts. The new belts are just looped on right now, until after I get the left head mounted and take the crank back to TDC on #1.

Although the other idler gets in Monday, I doubt there will be any progress next week. Doctor's appointments and jury duty will keep me occupied.
Unorthodox, that's me. Trying to figure out a very shallow ramp to take it out the garage to the drive out back. There is about a 1.5" drop and a 3" gap full of large gravel at the interface. No issue for a bike, car, etc . but a problem for the small wheels on the dolly. And my shoulder is still an issue.

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