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Jun 7, 2015
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So… driving around town looking for bikes just wasting away in peoples yards! Could not believe I found what appears to be 85 Gl1200 with a voyager trike kit attached. Next to it is another bike which I might need help identifying, possible Honda 750 … early 80’s. 4 exhausts on front .. spoked wheels.
Anyway, I made an offer to the owner and am in the process of ordering some tires for the trike kit as bike appears to have sat outside for a few years. The bike itself really looks in pretty good shape and nothing has been picked from it!
Will keep you posted and get pics on here tomorrow. There is a twist to the story behind the bike too.
Here are some pics. What is the Honda year/ model that has all the writing on the fairing?


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Okay… got both of the old girls home. Appears as though the lady that rode the trike had a sense of humour. Check out the pic with the ejection seat lol.
2 large bolts removed on the voyager trike kit and Presto!! Bike came free and was easy to load… but did have help.
I really like the airbrush pic on back of trike. This girl lived larger than life.
I like to get a story with each bike and I was told that this lady was a pretty high up corporate CEO from up north and one day just left it all to travel the country… just her and her dogs. Unfortunately there is a sad ending as she succumbed to drugs and alcohol :(
Anyway, I would like to restore this and keep the option of hooking onto the trike kit…. Will see.


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Uurrrggghhh!! Started stripping down the 86 interstate. Removed the trike kit and parts attached to bike, no issues.
Pulled the spark plugs and notice one hole has antifreeze in it. This bike has sat outside for about 5 yrs.
Antifreeze in spark plug hole … is there a crack somewhere or is this a blown head gasket symptom?
Drained oil and it looked fine.
Drained the coolant and it looked fine but amount was rather low.
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possibly the coolant tube oring leaking and running into the plug hole. if the drain in the plug hole is stopped up, the coolant and any other liquid will seep past the plug threads and hydrolock the engine. mine did that when i bought it.
possibly the coolant tube oring leaking and running into the plug hole. if the drain in the plug hole is stopped up, the coolant and any other liquid will seep past the plug threads and hydrolock the engine. mine did that when i bought it.
There was liquid in the exhaust on that side as well. The plug was very difficult to remove. I guess I can siphon the liquid out and do a compression test or simply run the engine and see what happens.
All the plugs drain holes are stopped up with debris. Fingers crossed, hoping your theory stands true.
Thank you
Mmmmmm… pulled carbs. 1 & 3 cylinder filled with coolant. I’m suspecting a bad head gasket. I have an extra engine so will transplant that :)
Extra 1200 engine installed … went to fire her up and no spark but cranked.
Kept working on it and now nothing from starter. Love a challenge!!
New starter on the way. Already have new pulse generator so will install that. Ignition is fine, starter switch is good. Coils are good!
Clutch safety switch is good, battery is good plus it has a new solenoid:)
Clutch diode good. Lastly….. cdi and I have 2 extras so will see.
Update soon….