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Dec 3, 2009
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Duncanville, Texas
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In 2006, I lost a job I had and needed a place for my little baby toolbox. Dint have room for it home at the time, and I haven't worked in a shop since then that was big enough to be able to use this box. Fast forward 17 years, and I am finally gunna move it home. Been working all year moving, and re-organizing stuff at home, and now have room for the big boy. Planning on doing the deed this coming weekend....that's the plan, anyway. Storage has been costing me $300+ a's waaaay past time. I have 6 vehicles that will need to be moved, including the GL1500. The two Corvettes will be parked in the yard, and the 2 'Burbans in front of the house. That leaves Mama's Cadderack. Hoping the neighbor across the street will let me park that in their secondary driveway. Can't really park anything directly across the street because the wrecker will need room to back into my driveway. I have a friend who is bringing is son, and a couple of HIS friends to pick up the top part and set it onto the top of the main box(the top, horizontal part is not on the box in these adds another 17" to the height). I cannot raise my arms above my shoulders with any weight(top section is prolly around 300 pounds), and it will take a minimum of 2 strong, and fairly tall helpers to accomplish that task, so I need some young bucks to help an old man out. Sounds like it shall be fun for all....NOT. I'm just hoping no-one gets killed....or maimed...especially ME! :rolleyes:

It will be good to have all of your tools in one place! We just moved to Kingsport, TN into a rental house for now. Can't really setup my shop until we find our permanent home. I have access to a lot of tools, but not all. Won't matter for a while since getting shoulder surgery in December and recovery will be long. BUT, looking forward to wrenching again.
Gerry, a lot of my tools are here anyway, except the ones I use at work. In total, I have 3 tool boxes. The "Taco Wagon" here at the house, the Corvette box at work, and the big boy shown above. I had to move the taco wagon from one side of the garage to the other, next to my workbench in order to have a full wall open for the big boy. Of course, what to do with the Corvette box once I retire is a whole nuther issue!
The Taco wagon...

Corvette box I currently work out of at the shop.
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:ROFLMAO:Yeah...I'll get right on that....😁 Dang thing is HOME, finally!! Glad to have it here, but not so happy about the loss of space for other my battery's gunna be a problem. I'll figure sumptin out....
Loaded up

Backer up

In the garage

Top locker installed, final resting place

Snug as a bug...

Had to park vehicles everywhere...:rolleyes:
:ROFLMAO: I also own a Goldwing....;) :LOL: The amount of tools I own require a large box(or 3) to put them in. I have accumulated a substantial amount of tools mainly for my job, as it requires a lot of specialty stuff.