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Jul 18, 2023
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Have a 79 gl1000 that the nuetral light stays on all the time. Understand it might be stuck or just bad. Where's it located and does oil need to be drained to fix or repair? Thanks all..
Oil drained? That is the easy part. You just about have to pull the engine. At a minimum you have to unbolt the front lower and spring the frame away from the case. I used a plastic chain saw wedge to help. But first, make sure the diodes are good.
Neutral switch in in the lower part of the engine casing, right side...behind the frame. 🤬

Can the neutral switch be tested by applying 12volts and a bulb to it. I think it is just a switch to ground.
Yes, or just a continuity check with a VOM. Should be closed in neutral and open in any gear. Shift through several times to make sure it is not intermittent. But, that checks the switch, and you need to check the diodes also. Page 17-9 of the FSM tells how to check the switch, 17-12 shows the diodes.

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