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Sep 4, 2017
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Davenport, NY
8 /26 Bought bike
8/31 trailered home
9/1 started ordering parts wheel master cylinder
9/2 started tearing apart Tupperware and rear wheel rebuilt rear master cylinder, removed final drive flushed and cleaned , removed fuel tank let soak with rust remover for 24 hrs turning often. Checked wheel bearings ok for now, swing arm ok,
9/3 fought with carbs I prevailed tore apart cleaned all put back together. Ordered sync. for carbs. greased final drive shaft and u joints filled final drive after replacing fuel tank.
9/4 started bike think #3 float to high will take back off to fix. put rear of bike back together over next week
9/5 sync. arrived after learning how to sync carbs didn't learn enough went on line to classicgoldwings they taught me how to snc running a little rough still must tune idle mixture screws
9/6 day off 64th birthday
9/7 parts started arriving. so far ordered every caliper and master cylinder kit for the bike
9/8 I think I screwed up rear cylinder must take back off and check
9/9-9/30 general maintence on bike
10-1 next clutch slave cylinder found all kind of crystalized brake fluid took off clutch cover what a hastle for anybody with large hands still have to tighten 2 top bolts. still waiting on ss clutch and brake lines to arrive not in to big of a hurry cant bleed anything until I put on new lines.
10/2-10/7 still trying to get my lines so I can get busy on rebuilding rear master and front of bike, still need to change belts, hoses, thermostat, rebuild both wheels and masters, fork seals check front bearings also replaced battery
10/7 found gas in oil don't know if from before or after carbs were cleaned will find out when I change oil when I do front end of bike.
10/8 rebuilt rear wheel caliper, hooked up clutch caliper, tried to get rear master unhooked played with radio, worked on electrics, put electrical tape over pos. post on battery,trunk lighting,
11/20 -11/22 going to repair and replace everything that is safety related. Received new front and rear all balls bearings and seals, steering stem bearings and dust covers ,new shock seals also fork seals and dust covers 15w bel kamp fork oil new push and pull throttle cables, new brakes, starter rebuild kit, inner fairing parts that were broken, ss lines for clutch and brakes, rebuid kits for all hydraulic parts, gas tank gaskets, nos bearings for timing belts and springs, still need new choke cable also received tons of assorted fluids and seals for clutch, new fasteners for fairing seems like previous owner never heard of jip screwdrivers. Now have to git off my butt and find the energy to do the work this seems to be the hardest part of the rebuild. Also looking for a 30 liter sonic cleaner going to try to clean carbs without separating the four. Well enough for now enough to keep me busy for awhile.

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