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Oct 16, 2022
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1978 GL goldwing
Oil leak? Coming from the shaft side of tire, Any ideals? 1978 gl 1000 Goldwing. I thought it was from other gaskets, which I changed ie fuel pump and valve cover.

The bikes only got 27000 miles on it but after buying it and riding it I’m now fixing all these leaks, kinda expect it I guess. Any advice would help. I hope it’s an easy fixs. Can turn a wrench but by far no expert.

Thxs all!!
Wipe it down well. Clean all sufaces with 91% isopropyl alcohol. Ride it a bit and put it in a darkened garage. Use a UV flashlight to locate leak sources. Some folks like dusting it all with talc to locate leaks. Don't be suprided if it turns out a fork seal is leaking.
Thxs, after looking at it again today it seems to be leaking from the rear shaft? I changed the tires out a couple of months ago and re greased around the rear axle. The weird thing is the leakage smells like old grease? Could that be it. Weird but buying an old motorcycle I kind of new what I was getting into. The bottom here is where I notice the drip. Appreciate your input. I will clean it real good but living in Oregon got to wait for the rain to stop.


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That looks like grease coming out of the final drive. Mine would do that for a few hundred miles after reassembly and fresh grease. I might overdo it on the grease.