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Dec 22, 2014
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Jamestown ND
Well, I learned a lesson today the hard way. I did a Goldwing trike project back in 2014 where I bought a lite rollover Tri wing trike. I soon discovered that the carbs were in tough shape and the cost to get them repaired was almost as much as it cost to replace the bike. So I bought a nice used wing and swapped them out. I kept the old one thinking I would someday repair it. I have since gotten interested in the single carb idea. I purchased from eBay a manifold made by a person in Missouri. I had a good rebuilt pict34 carb and got going on it again this fall. After changing oil and filter, new belts and adjusting the valves I decided that I would install the manifold and carb and see if it will fire up before going much deeper in the project. I found a very good video on YouTube and as luck would have it , it looked like my manifold. I watched it twice and followed the instructions as I did it. After shortening the cable and trying to install it I realized it wasn't going to work. Long story short.............I found out that there must be two versions of this manifold design . They look the same but depending which one you have they mount 180 degrees different. What a wasted day, but I think I have it all sorted out and can recover and make it work. Thanks for listening JohnB
JohnB, I have the same manifold from the guy in Missouri. Don't think he makes but one design which can be installed in either direction. I chose to install it with the cable mount towards the rear and did not need to shorten the throttle cable. I just tied it up along the upper frame rail. The only mounting difference (iirc) was the intake horns that go between the manifold and the heads for correct alignment. Mine is a GL1000 and the intake horns are for a 1000. Good luck with your SCC.

Later, Bud...

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